Savanna selection

The Savanna Selection contains varieties that can withstand severe drought in their natural habitat, but require a rainy period and adequate light conditions to survive and grow. Many varieties are ideal as indoor and patio plants, especially the Echeveria and Crassula species. Some are frost resistant, but the majority will not survive frosty nights.

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Jungle Selection

The Jungle Selection consists of beautiful varieties that originally grow in a jungle-like environment. Think of Peperomia, Chlorophytum or Ceropegia. Species in the Jungle selection are ideal indoor plants either in the shade or half sun.

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Desert selection

The Desert Selection is composed of varieties that have developed amazing strategies in order to survive prolonged periods of drought. Some of these varieties can withstand full sun, where others only grow in the shade of other plants. The hardiness of these varieties makes them ideal carefree indoor plants.

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